2 comments on “5 ways thieves steal your credit by Janna Herron for Bankrate.com

  1. Further to the above article, I personally know of someone in Trinidad who was a victim of credit card fraud. Luckily for him, he was able to prove his whereabouts and was able to get back his money once the relevant forms and investigations took place. The fraud took place in a shoe store, so it can happen anywhere and anytime.

    One must be ever so vigilant with one’s credit card and don’t be lazy to get up especially in a restaurant and go to the cashier to watch him/her swipe your credit card. This may sound bad, but irregardless of what is going on around, don’t take your eyes off the card until you retrieve from the person swiping the card. The days of just handing over your card and having it returned to you with a receipt are OVER!

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