As an Ideal Life Certified Professional Coach, I work with clients who want to focus on what’s important to them, their life or their business. If a client is struggling with how to attain their personal or organizational vision & want to overcome what’s really standing in their way, I guide them through a process as follows.

– clarify the core issues & target strategies for resolution
– assist client to create ways to reinforce current strengths
– help the client learn new skills that advance their goals

My specialized method of personal & professional empowerment coaching becomes the bridge that links the client’s vision to new-found confidence & improved leadership skills.

With a trusted coach, the client will achieve competitive advantage. Coaching with a vision – the client will emerge a winner.

Experience & Expertise:
Personal Performance & Development Coach
– Trinidad & Tobago Insurance Institute

Personal Image Coach
– International Auditing Firm

International Coach Academy – Ambassador
Host calls via the internet for Graduation Support Group; Connect Calls; Becoming a Coach Calls

Speaking Experience:
Motivational Speaker
– The Association of Insurance Institutes of the Caribbean
Antigua & Guyana Conferences

– W.O.M.E.N – Women Owned & Managed Enterprise
Network (Trinidad) Expo & Business Conference – 2011

Professional Trainer:
– Presentation Skills; Communication & Listening Skills; Conflict Resolution; Office Etiquette; Dress Code

Articles published:
– Coaching Corner – Trinidad Guardian
– American Chamber of Commerce – Linkage magazine
– SHE Magazine – Bio
– LIAT Magazine – Zing

Radio & TV Interviews
Barbados; Antigua; Trinidad

I bring my expertise to a wide range of audiences at conferences, conventions, corporations, non-profit organizations & universities.

To inquire about my expertise or services:
(c) +1868-740-4120


Types of coaching available:
Life, Relationship, Grief, Divorce, Family & Youth, ExPat, Personal Image, Breast Cancer, Health & Wellness, Caregiver, Corporate, Executive, Sales, Career, Team Facilitation, Personal Performance & Development, Diversity, HR & Coaching, Business, Financial


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  1. Just started reading your blog a few days ago; and I’m loving your newest series. Looking forward to the next installments.

  2. Amazing blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A theme like yours with a few simple tweeks would really make my blog jump out. Please let me know where you got your design. Bless you

  3. Hi Janice i would like to get some contact with you, do you have an email address?

  4. The decision has been made. I am going to put my Law Degree on hold until I get the coaching on the way. At first, it was a heart retching decision but now I am OK with it. With the amount of reading and teleclasses to attend, I am happy that I am no longer pursuing the 2.

    I have released the disappointment felt over having to make the decision.

  5. We have to help our children…. Usually on a morning, going to drop my son to school and husband to the office, the radio or a CD will be playing in the car. Today, my son had a book that he wanted to read to us. So he turned off the radio asking permission to read his book aloud.

    My husband and I recognized that his reading to us would help to improve how he speaks generally and how he uses intonation while speaksing.

    I am always telling him to pronounce his words clearly, to work his lips while speaking, put his tongue between his teeth when pronouncing “th” in words etc…

    It was a joy listening to him in the car trying to remember all the things that I am prompting from the backseat, struggling to pronounce words that were unfamiliar to him, while trying to make his reading enjoyable to his listeners.

    I have to acknowledge my husband for being patient and giving up his music so that his son could improve his speaking abilities on a morning.

  6. Great work Criqui. Try and turn the tables on the young man… get him to encourage you! There is nothing like “Come on Mum!” to help inspire one.

    When he was here, att times he was more keen to run to the next bus stop than I was. Okay, in my case it was “Come on Jooo!”. πŸ™‚

  7. I have been trying to live the Success Principles for about three years now. I visited my mentor Bob Proctor in Toronto, Canada. In three days of intensive training, I was allowed to challenge my belief systems and really understand what has been running my life and why I felt so out of control most of the times. This is truly great stuff. And the reality is that “stuff” still continues to happen, but now you realize that it is all “small stuff” and we are connected to a universe where there is abundance.

  8. Second day of being on my weight loss management program. I feel great that I was able to stick to the 1200 calories as prescribed.

    Later this afternoon, the family will be walking around the Savannah and today I will be able to have more pep in my walk. Due to the non exercise, I had to teach my right leg to walk properly…. sounds strange doesn’t it… therefore I was limping most of the way. When I got home I did some leg raises on the gym pak to stretch the muscles in both legs.

    Getting back my pep will do wonders for my son as he was a little disappointed that I was not motivating him on the walk like I did on the last day we walked.

    Since I started walking and watching what I ate, I went onto the scale to see if I have lost any weight. I did lose 2 pounds. This is great encouragement….

  9. Since last week, I had made a commitment to doing 3 days a week of walking around the Savannah (3 miles) with my son and husband. We started on Wednesday and I was able to keep to that commitment yesterday. It was great… The exercise is not just for me alone but also for my son who could shed a few pounds.

    Sitting in a comfortable chair most of the day does take its toll on one’s body. With the exercise, I can tell that it was definitely time for me to start doing at least 30mins of walking at least 3 days a week.

    Signed up with Jillian Michaels and was informed that for my height and weight – I am considered obese… What a shock… I would never have considered myself as obese….

    So my motivation level is very high right now… Shall be tracking what I eat today to stick within the 1200 calaries per day to lose the weight.

  10. Today is a great day….. I was watching Cindy Crawford talking about her skin product with Mariel Hemingway and boy did these women look great…. both in their 40’s and thought to myself… THIS IS IT!!!

    Time to start getting my act (for the million time) together.. I have been on the weight loss hampster wheel for the last couple of years and I decided that I will check out a couple of websites that offer help on weight loss and weight loss management.

    I am checking out Jillian Michaels website to see what Jillian has to offer and hopefully with her help I will finally “be willing to pay the price!”

    I realize that there are several reasons why I have kept on the hampster wheel all these years. One of the reasons is because I tend to stop “keeping score for success” and I lose sight of the following and I get too comfortable:

    * I stop keeping my eye on the prize
    * I don’t stay motivated with the Masters
    * I don’t say No! to the foods that I am not supposed to eat
    * I don’t keep my agreements with myself
    * I don’t stay committed to constant and never-ending improvement

    By posting this message, I am taking action… I am committing to constant and never-ending improvement.

    In the next couple months, I will be showing a picture of a slimmer me…. I will post daily comments which will help me keep an eye on the prize.


    • You could also try those slimfast shakes, do one day on (one for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner) then the next day eat regular within reason, then the next day slimfast etc. That should work.

      • Unfortunately, the slimfast shakes don’t work for me. They tend to leave me feeling more hungry than ever.. But I am watching and managing every morsel of food that I put in my mouth. Size 10, here I come…..

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