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The best way to work out if a coaching career is for you is to listen to successful coaches talk about their experiences.

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These interviews with REAL coaches will give you a great insight into why people choose to become coaches and why coach training is so important. Inside:

– are they accredited?
– how do they get clients?
– how much do they charge? and more….

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Have you ever wondered
– do I have what it takes to be a successful coach?
– can I create a great business from coaching?
– will coaching further my career options?

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About Coach Training at International Coach Academy (ICA)

Here is why training to be a coach with ICA is a preferred choice. First and foremost, you will be part of a great global group and will become the best professional coach that you can be.

ICA offers two coaching programs. The first is the Certified Professional Coach Program (CPCP) and the other is the Associate Certified Coach Program (ACCP).

It was decided that it was really important to offer you a highly professional programs that were accredited with the International Coach Federation.  In 2001 ICA began training people in their Certified Professional Coach Program. They have made this program highly rigorous as it is believed that being a coach is a highly skilled job.  ICA have trained coaches in over 90 countries throughout the world as coaching is a universal skill.

From the very beginning, they focused on advancing the credibility of coaching world wide.  This is done by creating professional coaching programs that demand personal reflection, an appreciation of the ethical aspects of coaching, and a thorough training of the core competencies of coaching set out by the International Coach Federation.

They deliver coach training that challenges and guides coaches to be leaders in the coaching profession.

But what really makes them the place to study is their coaching community spirit, truly global learning environment and commitment to the principles of adult learning.

Be part of changing the world through coaching and love the experience.

Why Train to Become A Coach with International Coach Academy?

The future of coaching and the enormous potential the profession holds for making a positive difference in the way people live and work and ICA believes in those who join them in this journey.  At the heart of ICA is the people – people just like you.

They understand they can make an important contribution by providing the kind of professional and accredited training that has attracted over 5000 students throughout the world.  But they also understand how valuable a contribution you will make when you are living your passion.

International Coach Academy has built a rich and diverse community for coaching professionals across the globe. They love the fact that their students come from over 90 countries around the world and that this creates a unique learning environment, where so many cultural perspectives can be shared.

ICA opened its virtual doors to China in 2009 and is the first accredited coach training school to offer courses in Mandarin. But that is only the beginnig –  their aim is to keep adding new languages: Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, and French just to name a few, with the goal to see their coach training as a platform for worldwide conversation on the coaching process.

Today, with over 60 full and part time staff and trainers located throughout the world, ICA operates around the clock, over multiple time zones. Students are able to access courses from their homes and yet engage with people from every part of the world.

And now, with the creation of their sister organization, Lobii, they are positioned to bring the coaching process to untapped organizations, businesses and communities around the world.


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